What is a personalised training plan




  • MTD uses Training Peaks which is an internationally based online coaching platform.
  • Each program is individually designed to suit each athletes needs, time constraints and goals
  • Group training sessions supplement the athletes training program to ensure training is fun and competitive
  • MTD includes technique training sessions ensuring each athlete is fully equipped and prepared for the race he/she chooses
  • Each program is personalized for each athlete according to their goals/ weaknesses/ strengths & time constraints.
  • You will receive a login & password to Training Peaks to access your program online.
  • You are required to keep a log of your training for the coach to monitor your weekly progress and discuss changes to your program if necessary. 
  • The Performance Management Chart on Training Peaks allows the coach and athlete to track fitness levels & stress levels to prevent burnout & overtraining and to ensure best possible outcome from the sessions.
  • You are required to keep your coach updated with travel plans/ study plans/ races etc, so that your program can fit in around your daily schedule!