Argon 18 Gallium Pro Frame

Argon 18 Gallium Pro Frame

Brand: Argon 18

The Gallium Pro embodies the essence of what the company has meant and has been striving for since its beginnings 25 years ago. As it’s always been the case wit

  • R 54,499.00


The Gallium Pro embodies the essence of what the company has meant and has been striving for since its beginnings 25 years ago. As it’s always been the case with Argon 18 bikes, the new Gallium Pro incorporates a solid grasp of traditional time-tested cycling knowledge and cutting-edge technological research and advancements. Thanks to the exceptional stiffness to weight ratio made possible by the 790g carbon frameset, response is even more immediate and handling is razor-sharp on any terrain.

Starting in 2015, the new 3D system is now press-fitted, which means less parts, less weight and less potential vibrations.

The Gallium Pro also sets a precedent for its exceptional positioning versatility. With proven, intelligently conceived AFS geometry in its six frame sizes, the new bike furthers this versatility with the ASP-6500 reversible two-way seat post (seat clamp offset -15 to -25mm), offering an extremely wide range of adjustment.

When all of these positive attributes are taken this far, that spells “race winner" or, in other words, Gallium Pro.

The Gallium Pro 2018 is a design evolution of this already amazing, very light and comfortable bike model. New, state of the art technology in both 3d modeling and carbon molding bring this new 2018 version of the Gallium Pro to the next level.


Key Technical Features:

- Our lightest frame ever at 794 g (M) for a painted frame including hardware

- Refined tube shape design and new carbon fiber lay-up

- Greater tire clearance enabling use of up to 28 mm tires

- Rear and fork drop-outs optimized to be identical to the ones on the Nitrogen for easier and faster wheel change

- Ultralight riveted front derailleur hanger (a lighter and stiffer version)

- Inlaid chainsuck protector

- Redesigned and optimized cable routing parts (very light + no screws)

- BB86

- 3D System offering three head tube heights for every frame

- Lighter fork still maintaining stiffness and offering comfort

- New refined 27.2 seatpost for more compliance, adjustability and comfort

Recommended torque values:

Press fit 3D system Headtube.

Seatpost collar: 6 Nm (lubricate collar bolt with grease and use anti-slip carbon assembly compound on post/seat tube).

Seatpost rocker clamp: 6 Nm.

Derailleur hanger bolts, front and rear: 4 Nm.

Bottle cage mounting bolts: 3 Nm.

Other components: refer to manufacturer’s instructions.


Frame: 790 g (includes medium frame, paint and clearcoat. Hardware (70 g) is not included).

Fork: 350 g, cut to fit medium size frame.

Ga31 Pro specific monocoque carbon fork.

Seatpost: 226 g, Argon 18 ASP-6550 carbon seat post, included.

Seatpost diameter 27.2 mm.

Seatpost collar diameter: 31.8 mm.

Bottom bracket: BB86

Headset: FSA model 37 + 3D (Top bearing  1" 1/8  and bottom 1" 1/2  + FSA TH-883 Compressor included.

Ajustable front derailleur hanger compatible with compact and oval chainrings.

Carbon drop out with replaceable forged rear derailleur hanger.

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