WARP Sprint Helmet

WARP Sprint Helmet

Brand: CASCO

Product description: The 2017 Casco Warp Sprint Carbon is without question, the world's best track cycling helmet, a fact that is demonstrated by ninety per cen

  • R 5,500.00


The 2017 Casco Warp Sprint Carbon is without question, the world's best track cycling helmet, a fact that is demonstrated by ninety per cent of professional sprint Track Cyclists using this helmet. This is an essential tool for all Track Cyclists, whatever your ability. 

In addition to the mandatory safety certification process all Cycling Helmets are required to undergo Casco have won countless awards for the superior safety of their helmets enabling them to confidently proclaim their helmets as being the safest currently available. 

The Casco Warp Carbon utilises Casco's monocoque-ultra technology, meaning the outer shell of this innovative helmet is constructed of separate segments for the highest level of protection. The segments are additionally reinforced by stainless steel rivets with the red lines manufactured from real leather. 

Casco's designers have not only been able to provide cyclists with superior protection, they have also reached new levels in technological development for cycling helmets following in-depth motion studies at Audi's wind tunnel facilities in Germany. 

During the testing process Casco used the posture and position of a variety of riders, from Olympic Champions to amateur competitors and mapped these variables against optimum aerodynamic efficiency. The results were analysed and the conclusion heralded the introduction of the Casco Warp Carbon that enables cyclists to maintain the most efficient aerodynamic profile regardless of the posture or position they adopt whilst cycling. 

As we all know Track Cycling requires cyclists to move their heads for amongst other things tactical movements and to check on the location of their competitors. Helmets following the traditional cone-shaped design for aerodynamics cause a huge loss of speed and aerodynamics in such a situation, whereas the Warp Carbon does not. Thus meaning that despite constant head movements the aerodynamic advantage is not lost, not only is this beneficial in Time Trials it provides fantastic benefits to riders contesting all cycling events. 

Results from Thermal testing at Audi's new climatic wind tunnel allowed Casco to optimise the ventilation systems of the helmet ensuring that riders do not overheat whilst using the Warp Carbon, making the helmet suitable for Road Cyclists and Triathletes in addition to Track Cyclists. Users of this helmet also include Wheelchair athletes and speed skaters. 

The visor is also completely mirrored/tinted to act as a replacement for sunglasses and protect your vision from ultra-violet sunlight with UV400 protection, camera flash and other sudden changes in light. The Anti-Fog, Anti-Glare technology also aids in preventing any disturbance to vision. Another advantage is that the mirror tint of the visor means your competitors can not see your eyes which helps you to keep that poker face and disguise any clues as to what tactics you are about to unleash. 

Further improvements have been made to the fitting mechanism with a headband featuring a disk fit dial for single handed continuous adjustment to the head size and a patented strap system that features a three point safety strapping and Drop Lock strap divider, providing fast and easy handling and fixation of your helmet's position. The new cord strapping is elegant and effective meaning you can tighten or loosen the chin strap quickly and easily (even in full fingered gloves) at any time and without having to take off the helmet. 

The Casco Warp Carbon is a proven performance improving tool, the sense of importance and superiority you get when you put on any of the Casco Warp helmets is immense, you may not be an Olympic or World Champion but you certainly feel you have the ability to be one! 


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