Zipp Tyre Tangente Tubular

Zipp Tyre Tangente Tubular

Brand: Zipp

It’s no surprise that top athletes like Chris McCormack - who has won at Kona on the Zipp Tangente™ - and the women of Team Exergy TWENTY12 are seeing the benef

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It’s no surprise that top athletes like Chris McCormack - who has won at Kona on the Zipp Tangente™ - and the women of Team Exergy TWENTY12 are seeing the benefits of Tangente aero tires. After all, your tires have the highest airspeed of any part of your bike, and the front tire is your machine’s leading edge.

It took us 14 months and two trips to the wind tunnel to get it right, resulting in the 21 mm version of the Tangente saving up to 9 seconds over 40 km compared with a traditional non-aero shaped tire when each was paired with a Zipp® rim. The secret to the aero success of the Tangente line of tires is the shape. The leading edge radius has a slightly more pronounced point than a traditionally round-shaped tire, starting the airflow transition from tire to rim sooner and more efficiently.

While also helping the Tangente cut through the wind, we've used our patented ABLC™ dimples to help the tire better adhere to any road surface more efficiently than a traditional “file” tread pattern, helping to deliver better cornering and braking. The dimples are not connected to one another, resulting in a lower overall stress in the tire casing and a smoother rolling and longer lasting tire.

The Tangente is not just a delicate special event tire. Thanks to our partnership with Vittoria®, the Tangente sports a durable yet supple 290 tpi casing. Because the dimpled pattern resists cracking so well, we’re able to use a lower durometer rubber compound resulting in low rolling resistance and high cornering grip in wet and dry conditions.

Tangente tubular racing tires comes in a 23 mm width. Average weight 282 g, /- 10g (tubular). Tangente has a 25 mm valve stem (valve stems of 37 to 40 mm recommended for use with Zipp valve extenders). Packaging includes tire pressure chart to optimize rolling resistance by rider weight and front/rear use. (Sizing note: Due to the shorter length of the Tangente Tubular Valve stem,  it is recommended to move up one size of recommended valve extender for Zipp wheels to allow enough extender coming out of the rim.)

Also available in clincher.

Recommended tire pressures by rider weight:

Rider Weight Front psi (bar) Rear psi (bar)

(108 (7.45) 112 (7.72)

125-150 lbs

(57-68 kg) 114 (7.86) 118 (8.13)

150-175 lbs

(68-79.5 kg) 121 (8.34) 126 (8.68)

175-200 lbs

(79.5-91 kg) 130 (9) 135 (9.31)

>200 lbs

(>91 kg) 140 (9.72) 145 (10)

Triathlon/TT Use Rear Press. Same

Rain or rough Roads Minus 3-5 psi Minus 4-7 psi

Indoor Track 145 (10) 145 (10)

Outdoor Track Plus 5-7 psi* Plus 6-10 psi*

*Not to exceed 145 psi/10 bar

The above tire inflation pressures are recommended for optimal rolling resistance and grip. These pressures are for room temperature tires and rims. Tire pressures may increase as much as 25 psi due to high rim temperatures caused by prolonged braking or as much as 5 psi from high ambient or road surface temperatures.

Clincher version available.

(Note for those also using Zipp's new integrated valve extenders: If the valve stem on your tubular tire is shorter than 40 mm, use an integrated valve extender one size longer than indicated for proper fit.)

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