Awareness (Part 2) - David Vaughan

OK- So last time we started to talk about awe-ness and  becoming aware of more than what we may be noticing at the time.

What difference does it make and how does it help me to notice more?

Firstly, to notice more we need to find some way to interrupt our normal routine and take a moment to just be in the moment. This can be anywhere at anytime; at a meal, in a tea break, at your desk, after a phone call or in a car stuck in traffic. Being in the moment will start a process of learning that can lead to many wonderful new insights into yourself, others and even becoming grateful in that moment.

So what does this do for me really...... ? Well more than anything it creates a way of centering yourself and taking a moment to experience the present and live in that moment like it's all there is. This is an amazing way to develop your consciousness and expand your ability to find the contentment and resourcefulness of what we can do and become by taking stock of where we are and why we are doing what we are doing.

Most people I know including myself have lived their lives without realizing that they have been largely driven by an unseen momentum that like a strong current pulls us along. It's not necessarily bad or good but it's very empowering to sit on the banks of that strong river from time to time and watch the current, choosing to rest a while before hopping back in. The experience of being present and being able to be in the moment allows us to see with a different perspective. It gives us a chance to notice ourselves and the journey we are on from a totally different view and this in turn allows us to see things about ourselves we may not have noticed before: things that work or that don't work for us. We can learn to accept things the way they are and at least feel we are choosing and/or get that we are not happy with what is and see in that moment that things need to change.

This kind of development leads us into open spaces, leads us into a new way of being with ourselves and in turn influences how we can and will be with others. It's not the easiest concept to convey as it's the kind of learning and insight that we as a society have not encouraged. What it brings is empowerment and a sense of confidence that can grow because we are not hiding in excessive busyness and driven to exhaustion. We can lift our heads - look beyond the grey clouds of doubt that accumulate when we feel completely out of control and worse than that, controlled by all things that life throws at us and we feel owned by the burden, treading water, I know the feeling!

Taking moments to just breath and for a moment take stock of where you are, that you are healthy or healthier than most. Look at that which might be freaking you out and see it against a backdrop of perspective and that it may well be nothing to worry about. See the beauty in yourself and wonder at your own complexity and how every millisecond billions of cells are at work to keep you alive. Breath in, relax your jaw, drop your shoulders and just say a quiet thank you. Notice your incredible body, feel the deliciousness of being alive and grin in the face of lots of reasons to stress and let your powerful presence dissolve anxiety and any excess stress - melt it into a joyful moment because as you, do you will feel empowered and in that moment you grow and begin to mature into the person who has become more aware.

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