What is MyTrainingDay



The My Training Day academy is a home that has produced World champion athletes, mentored multiple coaches, and catered for the complete beginner at the same time. We understand goals and know how to get you there!

MTD coaches use cutting edge platforms with a scientific and factual approach to maximise achievement for their clients. Our coaches take into consideration the athletes time constraints; goals; weaknesses; age, business demands etc, and formulates a training plan that the athlete can follow building up to a particular goal. This goal can be as simple as completing a 5km run right up to qualifying for the Olympics. The platforms we use:

Training Peaks allows the coaches to present a plan, analyse training sessions and track the progress of the athlete by watching metrics like their fitness levels & training stress.

INSCYD allows a more detailed scientific approach and fine tunes athletes training zones by tracking their training biometrics.

Best Bike Split is a system taking the athletes bike power data, course data & race day conditions to predict their race performance and create the perfect power plan so the athlete can ride a perfect race split without compromising the run.

My Fitness pal allows athletes to take responsibility for their nutritional needs. We track and offer nutritional plans and advice to complement the athletes training plan & race plan.

Coaches-eye for in-depth analysis of stroke in the water or running stride, one-on-one technique sessions for those athletes wanting to fine tune their technique.

Other integrations include Zwift, Trainer Road and more.

We are especially passionate about helping others reach their full potential and over the past 18 years we have had the opportunity to deal with many different clients. When an athlete joins MTD it is not only a training program that they are receiving, but also often a complete lifestyle change. We have watched many clients achieve international and national medals. Some life changing experiences that go from couch potato, overweight, smoking & drinking with little or no direction in life, to an avid athlete finishing Ironman. As their coach, we walk the journey with them and guide them along the way… our motto… discovering the athlete within you.

Contact info@mytrainingday.com for more information on our coaches and coaching facilities.