Claire Horner

Cape Town

National, regional + local squad director aka "the boss"

Ironman university certified coach

TSA Level 2 certified coach 

Joe Friel coaching certificate

Bachelors in sports science

Diploma in sports nutrition

Training Peaks University Certified coach


Matt Trautman (SA 2 x 70.3 Champion; 2 x Ironman Wales Champion)

“When I first joined up with Kent and Claire Horner at My Training Day in 2012 I was a complete newbie to the sport of Triathlon. My goal was to race Ironman SA just a few short months after joining the squad. Thanks to the excellent team atmosphere, expert one-on-one coaching skills and a few extremely well run triathlon camps, I went on to win my age group at Ironman SA and then finished 2nd in age group and 30th overall at Ironman World Champs that year. None of this would have been possible without the help, guidance and support of Kent and Claire.”

Celeste Renaud (Junior South African National Champion 2014)

 “Both Claire and Kent are more than just experienced coaches. Due to their extensive experience as professional athletes themselves, they understand the process of training and the highs and lows that are associated with it. This includes the emotional stresses associated with training and racing, and of course they understand the physical fatigue of triathlon training as well. It is so important to have a coach that understands how you are feeling both emotionally and physically, and does not only assess how you are performing during sessions.

Claire gets to know her athletes so well, she knows exactly when to push me that extra bit, but also when to tell me to hold back and take it easy. It is vital to build this relationship with a coach in order to train effectively.

What was so valuable to me is that they can always fully identify with how I am feeling before and during a racing situation. Claire has given me countless pep talks especially a couple weeks before a race, to help bring perspective, focus and encouragement and is honestly the soul reason behind many of my successes. I doubt myself often, and her belief in me is the reason I have started to back myself a bit more.

Kent taps into his experience from when he was on the Olympic squad and has provided me with so many valuable tips and skills - like cornering, transitions and entering/exiting the water. I have learnt so much from both him and Claire that I have put into practice during racing.

I have achieved some awesome results under Claire's coaching. From coming 5th at SA triathlon champs before starting with her and MTD, to winning SAs 2years later in 2014 and participating in the world champs later on in the year. I then came 2nd in the u23 category in 2015 - I attribute those successes to her and the MTD training squad for pushing me to my limits and bringing out the best in my training.

It's no wonder that the MTD squad has grown so much over the past couple years! Claire and Kents success as coaches is widely respected, and I am so grateful for the amazing things they have done for my triathlon career. “


Dr Paula Armstrong (AG Ironman athlete)

“As triathlon coaches, Claire and Kent Horner are both accessible to beginners and cater for top level performance by elite athletes. In addition to individualised programmes, the Horners provide a personal experience and insist on designing programmes specific to the needs and demand of each individual athlete. Their interaction extends well beyond coaching programmes – they are extremely knowledgeable in the field of triathlon and their willingness to share their experience means athletes are well-prepared for races and ready to enjoy the experience rather than just participate and finish. Above all, they are real. They understand the everyday demands of life outside triathlon and their business is making sure their athletes do the best that they can do given the time they have available. Their approach is scientific and data driven, and they take their role of keeping you in a sustainably good and healthy condition very seriously. They understand that every athlete is unique and do the best they can to ensure that you perform to the best of your ability.

Kent and Claire have a passion for what they do and a genuine affection for their athletes. This combination makes them approachable and invaluable as mentors. They train alongside and maintain contact with every single athlete across all levels of ability. For hands-on guidance in triathlon, you won’t find a better pair than the Horners. “