DC Hustle and Flow

DC Hustle and Flow

DC 2019 – an atypical race report

DC was an emotional roller coaster for me. A late call up (15 days pre-race day) had me arriving in Swellendam with my legs shaking. This 202km feat seemed absolutely impossible to me, but with the right company and team mates it turned out to be a remarkable and successful day out after all!

I found it impossible to write a traditional race report – it’s truly amazing how many things and moments take place over ±7 hour period with friends on bicycles, during a race. So instead of a typical race report, I settled for an ode. Thank you to Kent, Claire, Maria, Lindsay and the DC team for believing in me. You all made DC an incredible experience.

An ode to the 2019 DC Team

There is a man named Kent
Who, for 2 weeks straight, made me vent
His partner in crime is Claire
Known for her “it will be good for you” stare

Together they selected team My Training Day
Typical ex-pros, they did the 202km race downplay
A handful of DC first timers
Most of them very strong climbers

Captain Craig in charge, luckily not his first rodeo
Handled his role like a pro, although, his not so “aero” lip hair in the wind did blow
A man of few words: cool, calm and collected
He got the team to the finish line as expected

For Bronwyn, race day started with a bike clean
Which was actually code for caffeine!
Out to protect Kim and organize the boys
Not once getting frustrated or throwing her toys

Off the gun went: Chris and Rohan lead the way
Never stopped chatting even as we reached the two hundredth kay
A big thanks to Slumdog Mafia and the Toyota team
Just “use them” being our main theme

Back to Chris: adoption of a unique “aero” position whilst pushing me up the hills
Resultant stiff muscles must have racked up a few physio bills
10km to go, he exclaims: “DC is not hard at all”
Rugby tactics to help with the last haul

Rohan Meyer: the loudest man on the DC route
But my goodness this man is a brute
Never stops laughing and loves to joke
While the rest of us sucked on coke

James McCallum, unfailing with his cadence low
He did his fair share and the girls did tow
Must have been all that arm work at gym the week prior
Thanks, James, up every hill I was shot higher

Jono “Tamaties” taking his post at the back of the group
Making sure he was there to give those “shot off the back” a swoop
Encouraging us all throughout the race
Never wiping the grin off his face

Flat, hot & fast - into the hardest part of the race
Plummeting past the Jacaranda’s at a pace
When Mr. Hilliard’s tyre took a blow
Oh no! Bye my beau..

Tim ready to help Paul and offered him his bike
This particular section he did dislike
Almost at the second feed zone
Time for Tim’s bike to be thrown

DVZ took a beating for his gears
Towards the final stretch he ensured that there were no tears
Braaied for us for several hours
Fueled by the apple sours

Two Doctors in the team; meet “flipping Estie” (read Flip and Estie)
My goodness these two are steady
Power couple of note
Team Cloete get my vote

Flip: respected by all, always in control and master of consistent
The Captain’s Chief Assistant
Marmite sandwiches in hand, Estie’s out to dominate the “three sisters”
She no longer required the help of the young misters

Jolly and Maria – the best support crew
From pasta to banana bread to potato bake; who even needs Gu?
Neck massages, a bike parking service, and even a pom pom
Thank you, you two are the bomb!

Although this ode may seem like a joke
Or as if I’m having a dig and a poke
Thank you for being the best team mates
Look forward to plenty more cycle dates

By Kim Stephenson 

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