Garmin Challenge

Results for the Garmin Green Block challenge are finally calculated! Garmin @GarminSA
MTD athletes were required to do 4 weeks of training logging all their sessions on TrainingPeaks. Those with green blocks (training completed 100%) were eligible for the competition. The athlete with the highest TSS for the 4 weeks won the new Garmin FR935 
20 MTD athletes completed the challenge successfully. 
Congrats to Chloe Burns who won with a TSS score of 4763 and over 90hrs of training. Eulali Van Der Vyver came 2nd with 4448 points and Frederick Wagenvoorde finished 3rd with 4171 points.

Chloe Burns  4763.6
Eulali van der Vyver  4448.3
Fred Wagenvoorde 4171.3
Bradley Birkholtz  4003.4
Quinton Simpson  3837.3
Peter Myberg  3791.8
Carl Mangan  3502.6
James Cammel  3290.8
Ryan Clatworthy  3249.4
Craig Bester  3160.7
Owen Ehlers  3090.5
Cameron MacNair  2939.9
Bradley Flemming  2765.2
Robbie Gien  2731.3
Craig Anders  2729.2
Grant MacNair  2694.2
Marolien Schmidt  2286.7
Terrence Steenveldt  2174.5
Greg Hopfeldt  1900
Clare Rainey  1698.2


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