Honest feelings of a guppy in the shark-pond

Honest feelings of a guppy in the shark-pond

They say if your dreams don’t scare you they’re not big enough... and I must say that this one really scares me! 

I’ve always dreamed of doing sport professionally but I never thought that one day this will really become a reality!

I remember when coach Richard and I first chatted, and he asked me what my goals were and that if I wanted to be on the age group podium, he could get me there! “Wow! Those girls are fast and being on that podium is massive!”- I remember thinking... Fast forward 3 years and here we are. 4 weeks out from my first race as a professional triathlete! 

To say that I am excited is an under statement! I cannot wait to put myself out there, to race, to fall, to get up, to learn and most of all- to grow.  This is such a big journey and I am so thankful that I get to embark on it.

I have to admit that since deciding to take my pro license, there have been many battles in my mind such as: you don’t earn anything from this yet; this is selfish and in my mind I’m still the girl that just started triathlon. It all feels surreal!

It's scary to commit to this. I can no longer go and hide within the masses for the start of the race. From now on, it’ll just be me and a handful of other ladies on that start line.  It’s no longer just a race... now it’s a case of everyone trying to earn some money to live. A day In the office. And that pressure is real because after all- we are pros, which means its business time and unfortunately a salary doesn’t automatically come with a pro license, which means working part time is still a part of it too of course. 

But then again, Rome wasn’t built in a day and every business starts small! 

So here’s me, taking the scary plunge and releasing myself into the shark-pond to go and prove to myself that dreams are there to be reached. 

P.S. Currently looking for sponsorship 😉

Mariella Dierks


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