Mandy tells us about the MTD December camp, from a coaches perspective

MTD camp from the coach’s corner

The MTD camp took place in December at Riebeek West – just 90mins outside of CT. This year’s
camp consisted of athletes ranging from beginners to elites.

It was just over 3 days of swim, bike, run, repeat….oh yes and eat, sleep, eat, repeat!

Day one saw some very nervous faces standing in the parking lot waiting for our first session of an easy ride. Basically a meet and greet. Athletes were from CT, Durban, PE, Joburg all coming together with one thing in common, the love for swim, bike and run.

The ride was followed with lunch, an easy run through the vineyards, dinner and a presentation by Richard Lawrie on his journey so far with Banting.

Day two was a big session that was a first for many of the athletes. The famous brick session
consisting of a 1 hour bike, 30min run, repeated 3 times. It was really hot out there and we all ended up in the pool afterwards to chill and cool off.

After lunch there was a swim session, some bike fitments, massages and some well needed snooze time. The evening presentation was hosted by Kent to talk about Training Peaks. and what goes on behind the scenes with coaches to plan sessions and races.

Day three was the day of the long bike ride.

There were some bribes that went down as to who pushed who up the hills in return for massages, and some athletes needing a little ‘help’ getting home after they blew up on the ride. But all in all a great ride and time was had by everyone. The afternoon consisted of another swim session, some ice bathes and down time.

Day four, the last day was a long run followed by a great breakfast. Then we all parted with hugs and handshakes and wished each other luck with the training that lies ahead. Some new friendships were made and some existing friendships were re-established.

Some brave athletes made their way to Blouberg to attempt an open water sea swim. This didn't actually happen as, for the first time in over 10 years, there was a shark sighting. On finally heading home, we found out that there was not just one shark in the area but three! Luckily everyone opted for lunch instead of braving the sea

In summary a great time was had by all. The venue was amazing and the food was plenty and very yummy. We were made to feel so at home. It was lovely to come back after a hard session to a clean room, great food and a never ending supply of ice cold High 5 (sponsored by MTD – yay)

I have one question….can I please put my name down now for the next camp

Happy Training


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