Meet the MTD Double Century 'Social' Team

Introducing our MTD Double Century 'Social' (Don't take that too literally, it is DC after all) Team!

Paula Armstrong: Yes. The surname does bring along a certain expectation, which she 100% fulfills

Arne Janse van Rensburg: A new Northern Suburbs MTD athlete we are stoked is going to get fully involved, and keep us all smiling along the way

Nicole Godfrey: Yes, me, the 'captain' and Claire's mini-me Sergeant Major-i work in the office with her-i have learnt a thing or two!

Freddie Wagenvoorde: Silent assasin who loves to be called Freddie...Proved to be a great A team player in the past, but still up in the air as to whether he's finished a DC

Mark Roberts: He's has an up and down year, what with becoming a dad and all, but we think this has been an incentive to keep him on track and drive his competitive spirit again

Valentine Nefdt: The smiliest, happiest cyclist you'll ever meet. When that dark place hits, we are all going to be fine when we have one glance over at him

Flip Cloete: the Dr on our team...because, you know, its DC...we might need one, and I personally know he's good!

Jeremy Van Zyl: We know he is tough on himself, as seen in the pool, so he will bury himself to help the team cross that finish line

Sean Hidden: A great, bubbly asset to any team, however....if he has had to work on his lungs to stay on the team..As far as I have heard, he's been doing ok

Duane Hulley: Another athlete joining the team all the way from the 'Boerewors curtain'. I shotgun this guy for hill pushes

Willie Rossouw: An absolute pleasure to cycle with, as proved during the Knysna Cycle Tour

Chris Viljoen: The third and final Northern Subs athlete. Looks like DC is getting them over that Boundary line on the N1 to join all the cool kids here in the South

Gareth Price: I think Roberts is excited about this. If he joins the team, he gets to push him up the hills

Back Up Driver:
Gina Goosen: Number one driver during the Knysna Cycle tour. Literally the best person for the job, and if we ask nicely, she may even have some ice cold beers waiting for us on the finish line

So there's your team. We are all pretty excited to represent MTD and give it our best ride. If we don't make the target time, at least we can finish and say we had Fun with a rad bunch of athletes


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