Multiple Ironman 70.3. Ironman Finisher

Multiple Ironman 70.3. Ironman Finisher

JD has been my coach since 2018. I started off at MTD following a knee operation and decided to take on this new venture called triathlon. In one year (2019), under the guidance and coaching of JD , I ended up doing four races which included the full Ironman and Ironman World Championships.

Amongst various qualities that JD has, I find his composure and patience to be exceptional.

JD teaches you to be patient with training and that despite various challenges we face that consistency definitely leads to success.

JD understands that life happens and is always willing to adjust your program to suit individual needs in a busy lifestyle. He also frequently gives advice as to how you can “tweak” your swimming or running styles for improved results.

Many athletes don’t realise that nutrition is the fourth discipline in triathlon and needs equal attention. With the knowledge I received from JD, I have personalised and perfected my race day nutrition.

It is definitely possible to achieve your goals under the guidance and coaching of JD and the program has proven to be successful time and time again.

By Adelle Brits 
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