New and Healthy addictions


Wesley tell us his incredible 2018 journey to a healthier life

June 2018 marks a new start to my journey in life.

A few months ago, I started this journey in a rehabilitation centre for substance and alcohol abuse. I was in treatment for just short of 3 months, the process was not easy at all but so well worth it and I have learnt so much, not only that I am an addict/alcoholic, but I'm starting to learn who I am for the first time. I’ve been shown a new outlook on life and I know where I do not want to end up again.

A lot of it was to do with the inability to deal with life, my feelings and emotions and how to constructively work through problems. Now that I am working on my Recovery, I can say that I am not cured, but on a better path and learning every day how to stay strong and not fall back into old bad habits of self distruction. Another aspect that I started gaining interest in whilst in treatment was exercising and getting back into shape. I started by doing early morning walks and hikes, and progressed to running once out of the treatment centre with the help of my partner, Janine whom is also a runner. I have lost 11kg’s from a healthier diet and exercise in the short space of 5 months.

My fitness level has risen drastically. One of the biggest scares I had whilst in treatment was being told I might have diabetes because of my bad eating and partying habits. Since I've started living a healthier lifestyle my  blood pressure, sugar level and cholesterol have all normalized.

My interest in sports have grown into a passion for competing in a Triathlon competitively as well as running events like the Old Mutual Two Oceans 21km. I found a training squad called MTD whom train athletes for triathlons, and on the 26 October 2018, I had my first training session with them at Greenpoint Athletics stadium. It was such an amazing and super friendly group of people and coaches that are highly dedicated to the sport.

My only regret is that I never found this adventure earlier but nevertheless I am doing this now and enjoying it tremendously. The only down part of this sport is the set up and maintenance cost as well as triathlon and running entries and getting there as the main events are not all in Cape Town.

I am not in a financial position to afford all of these costs on my own. I met up with David and Andrew from a company called Section Five, who I have previously contracted too for work and we spoke about a potential sponsorship where I would be able to achieve my goals and start competing competitively. They have gracefully offered to cover the costs of my training for the MTD squad.

I have enjoyed thoroughly thus far the program and the progress that I have made thanks to my coach Claire and Kent from MTD and the sponsorship I have received from Section Five.

Its been such an eye opener the last few months and have been exposed to so many positive things, in the past i was getting home at 4am after a nights out and now i am up at 4 to get ready to go for squad sessions by 5am.

Hopefully by my lifestyle changes that I have made and am persuing I can help encourage and motivate other people and by example show it is possible to do anything you set your mind too and that there is a better way of life.


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