No Wishie Washie Here!

No Wishie Washie Here!

Race report!

Washie for me was far more than a 161km race!
It really put things in perspective....

I really want to run for as long as I can,

I really believe in team effort

I really rely on running partners

It really is about preparing and planning and how badly you want something

It really is about how important it is to do things for the right reasons

It really is important to be consistent in what you do and to not loose your sense of humour and to be kind to people and to believe you can do it!

I think it would have been impossible for me to do this race without the

Blessing from my family

Best running partners and my Comrades buddy Meesha

Best supporters/seconders group from the eastern cape (

Considerable fear....very important

Mtd - Mandy and my personal trainer Hein

And of course

Jessie and Douglas

I feel so lucky to have done this incredible race!

I am very impressed with how my body and mind worked together as a team.

I always say that every person has a role to play and should stick to their lane,

and I think exactly that made the Washie possible to complete and finished in a good time....

everything came together,

and it worked!!!

We did it, so can you....if you want it really badly!!

by Marguerite King

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