Shane reviews MTD's maiden Race Bike Transport service

Our first transport project was a great success and all athletes that made use of it, seem to be more than happy with the service. Have a look at what Shane thought about his experience:

So with it being my second triathlon season I decided to get myself better organised and plan properly for all my races this year. The goal was to not spend 10 hours on the road stuck with a 90’s playlist on repeat!

My first test would be flying up to East London 70.3. My plan was to box my bike and take it on the plane, but due to a 3 hour bike check-in process I decided to pursue another avenue. I did some research online and found a company offering to courier your bike up to certain race events. Luckily for me Ironman Buffalo City was one of them!

Unfortunately, after trying to contact them and their lack of response I decided I needed to come up with another plan. I could only imagine what kind of service I’d get with them once I arrived in East London if they couldn’t even return a call or answer an email.

Luckily for me I received an SMS from MTD informing me of a bike courier service they were offering for half Ironman. I immediately contacted them and booked my spot! Offering a qualified bike mechanic to look after your bicycle and assemble it for you, I was sold!

I dropped my bike off before I left for East London and that was that. I got on my plane and arrived in Buffalo City. On arrival I had an SMS informing me my bike was ready to be picked up. I went around to collect my bike all assembled and ready to race. With an event like this you have so many things on your mind, it’s great to be able to knock the stress of transporting and re-assembling your bike off the list.

The great thing about the re-assembly is that your bike is setup exactly the same as it was when dropped off. If I had to re-assemble I’d definitely have a few “spare” parts leftover.

Once the race was over I dropped my bicycle off and flew home. The next day my bike was ready to be collected. Really great service from a great mechanic and team which helped me keep focus on my race. I’ll definitely be using them again!


We are offering the service again, for transport to Ironman Port Elizabeth. Book your spot now and receive a 15% discount on any bike box or bag at our online store. 

Email Nicole on for more information and to book your spot

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