The Comrades inspires Comradeship

The Comrades inspires Comradeship

Marguerite King

If you love running and you don’t know when to stop, you “run” the risk of signing up for Comrades!

So I don’t know and I don’t want to know when to 5 in the bag and I would like to run as long as I can!

Step by step, day, week and year by year, maybe sometimes a case of running away from “chaos”, but it works for me and until it doesn’t work for me anymore, I would love to go back to Comrades every possible year!!

Meesha and I started running Comrades together in 2017, without really planning to run together, it just happened, we are in sync, we look out for each other, especially the cat eyes, we share a sense of humor, toilet breaks, lots and lots of fun and of course we share our bubbles at the end of Comrades.....

And what better reasons than those mentioned do you need to get up at 4am in the morning and meet up with your best running buddies for months on end, and know how special “that Sunday” will be if plans work out!
Just love it....Comrades


Meesha Aboo

I was supposed to run my first Comrades in 2016 but due to a rogue cat’s eye on Chapmans peak during that year’s Two Oceans I tripped and fractured my shoulder thereby scuppering my Comrades dreams. After a couple of months of feeling intensely sorry for myself and avoiding the television on a particular Sunday in late May I picked myself and started training again for Comrades 2017!


I knew Marguerite through my running club and we had done a few training runs as well as shorter races together but had never made any plans to run Comrades together in 2017 but we had both booked the same Comrades travel package tour and as a nervous novice I was very happy to have a familiar face to travel and attend the expo with. We didn’t make any specific plans as we ate our pizza at a restaurant in Durban the day before but agreed it would be nice to start together and just see where the day took us. We ended up finding a very compatible running rhythm which resulted in running and crossing the finishing line together. There’s nothing quite like finishing your first Comrades in time especially when we you have such a fun on the road.


This year we finished our 3rd running together and I hope that we can go until we both get our permanent numbers. I feel bad for Marguerite as she’ll have to do 12 now as she’s two ahead of me 😉. This year we both did  UP run PBs and I think it’s in part to our great training runs with the MTD speedwork group!


by Marguerite King and Meesha Aboo


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