Tshipise MTB Challenge

We are a farmers association so we make every effort to raise funds to keep us going
We have highlighted the trend towards cycling and in our area mountain biking in particular.
So this is our inaugural MTB race.
A quick run down of the route would be:
We start off at the Tshipise Forever Resort in the shadow of the ancient volcano….it’s not active don’t worry.
The 10km fun ride will ride around the koppie (volcano) only featuring small climbs and some technical bits to keep it interesting.
The 30km route goes a bit further afield into the Tshipise game reserve where you have the opportunity to spot Eland, Giraffe, Impala etc. the waterpoint will be under a massive old Baobab tree simply known as “Big Tree”
The 70km route is a bit of a monster.
You’ll head out of the resort and cross the tar road – marshalls at the ready – into the Maswiri Safaris game reserve.
In there you’ll be meandering  along the old irrigation canal and the Nzhelele River under massive Leadwoods and Marula trees.
This is a fast bit and will lull you into a false sense of security between wildlife and orange orchards before you hit the climbs out into Doreen Frams.
At the top of the ridges you can see all the way into Zimbabwe!
There will be medals, goodie bags and lucky draw prizes on the day.
Tshipise is the Venda word for “place of hot water”
The koppie you see on the flyer is an ancient volcano and the hot water spring that flows from it feeds the warm water pools in the resort.
This makes it a great trip for the family – the kids will undoubtedly spend the day in the water with whoever keeping an eye on them there as well.
So we are planning to have all the days activities around the pool – food stalls beer tents and the like – including the finish line.
We often finish our own rides by the pool and immediately jump in – summer or winter the water is always nice and toasty.
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