ULTRA-X - Tri - Club Special / Champagne Sports Resort

Jun 13 2019

Good Morning Triathlon Clubs

I trust you are fit and ready for an awesome winter ahead. We have TWO CLUB promotions in place open to all National Triathlon Clubs in South Africa, for our new “ ULTRA X” event in July.

This event is the newest ULTRA event in the series and offers athletes something completely different. The Event is going to test mental strength, physical endurance and stamina in one of the most beautiful parts of South Africa, the Drakensberg Mountains.

The Club Promotions are geared towards the “Club Coaches” and the “Athletes”. The first incentive offers Club Coaches a 50% to promote the event to the athletes they coach to stay fit during winter and experience this epic event. The second Incentive offers the Athletes 10% of their entry fees back for every 10 entries per club.

1. For Every 3 Club Athletes that Enter, 1 Coach will get 50% discount on their entry ( Coaches need to email us at events@ultratri.co.za with the 3 Competitors details to claim their 50% discount)
2. For Every 10 Club Athletes entered, they get 10% back from their entry fees! ( 1 Athlete needs to email us at events@ultratri.co.za with the 10 Competitors details to claim their10% Cash back)

RACE WEBSITE: https://ultratri.co.za/ultra-x/

Happy Training and We look forward to seeing you there.

Kind Regards

ULTRA Tri-Series Team


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