Not everyone wants to podium. For many people, completing a triathlon is more important than competing in one. And there is a huge difference between these two concepts.

Those who wish to compete are our Elite and pro athletes. They want to go to World’s, to Kona, to win. These athletes bask in the light of our admiration and are the ones we stop and cheer on even as we (the other group) know we still have 2 hours to go before we can finish. The completers, and dare I suggest the larger group, are those for who the journey is more important than the destination.

This was no more apparent to me than when cycling with 2 of our athletes just a few weeks ago in the pouring rain. About 200m after a traffic light, I looked behind me and to my astonishment could not see them anywhere. I pulled over and waited a few minutes before turning back to make sure that they were fine. Lo and behold what do I discover? – They had stop to take pictures of just how wet they were and of the pretty rainbow over the ocean.

Completers also want to do the training, they also want to improve and do their best, but if a pretty rainbow appears, or a stunning view, or a sign claiming this coffee shop does the best scones – a completer may just decide to stop and enjoy the moment before continuing with training.

Sure we can’t whip out 3min/km for our 1km reps at track or swim at a threshold of 1:25 or better and I guarantee when going up Suikerbossie we won’t be chatting while powering passed packs of cyclists, but that’s not the point. The point is to get out there, the purpose is to do the exercise AND have fun while doing it. This group is not slow, rather they are unrushed.  

So this is the concept I would like to introduce, the concept of #UNRUSHED. If you have an “easy” (very easy for some) ride or run, or if you are in the mood for a more chilled approach, or know someone who wishes to have a more social approach - come join us. Yes, we take training seriously, but we sure as heck are going to enjoy it too. Come have fun while you train, enjoy the majesty of our beautiful country, make/bring friends - #UNRUSHED.

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