Winning the Last Race?

I noticed the heading is a conundrum! Winning a race Last? is another way of looking at it, but noticing is the point of the article. Winning is not the only way to win. When you are naturally talented you believe it's your goal to stand on top of the podium and when you are less talented you accept the only podium you will don is the one in your head. 
The point being winning is a concept rather than a position. The mindset of a Winner is birthed in the reality of being grateful just to BE  and to show up. The nature of life is full of challenge and it's in the resistance we get to form character. Character is the beautiful bridge that we get to cross on our way from badly behaving victims to character filled Victors. Character is formed in the journey of learning and winning - and learning and winning. Winning is in fact the attitude that you choose to develop. A winning mindset, a winning way of being, winning at the back - or when you injured. Winning is the ability to go slow to go fast, to patiently learn that winning isnt everything and that being a good loser is a wonderful way to win. 
The win at all costs and or desperate grasping for a podium to guarantee that we feel like we hold worth or that the winning will confirm our sense of self and or confirm our identity as a winner is the surest way to face failure consistently. When we are winning is all good but we never just win. The way to always win is to recognize that the cycle is one of climbing up and down mountains. To get the beauty and brilliance of loving each part of the journey. To want something and desire it with complete focussed commitment and yet hold it lightly in the light of what is really important and that is the learning. To look inward and outward and ask how are we growing in the heart- head and in our physical WELL Being.
In conclusion, where you at is where you at, In- Joy- Ment, is the goal whether you are styling and wearing the Gold which can give a real false sense of feeling good and or if you are the athlete accustomed to the last few faithful supporters who clap you home. Learning to   feel Good about yourself is up to you. Some of the greatest stars of our times tell stories of how dissatisfied they feel, and if you looking for a result to validate your sense of self you going to be disappointed. You can Feel good about who you are not because of what you achieve on a track or bike or in the ocean, you get to feel great about yourself because you are Priceless.
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