Firstly to all of those Athletes who are participated in Worlds in PE - I trust that you enjoyed the day and cherished the incredible opportunity to be your best.
This is the point of this article. To get that no matter what prep looks like for any event, there is a constant on-going journey and learning we can participate in if we are open to notice our thinking, feeling and the way our bodies respond.
It's never too late to start the practise of taking 2 minutes to pause- breathe and just allow your perspective to shift from you to the Wonder of what it takes to be a part of such incredible privilege.  A moment to just say Thank You -  get the Great Gratitude Attitude revved up.  Think about your Good Health ( irrespective of the niggles or not perfect build up- ) There is no such thing as a perfect build up- maybe a favourable one- but what we actually need to celebrate is the Perfect Imperfect. That you are a person of means to afford the entry, the bike and not to mention the lycra. To notice what sacrifices have been made  by yourself and others for you to be here and the joy and excitement of staring down the barrel of a challenge:  that you have the tenacity and strength to take that on with gusto and bravery. 
When we are able to be disrupted and or distracted from our nervous self obsession and just look out and look up and take in the Sheer Beauty of what it is to be a part of something so amazing - the organization that has gone into this all- the vision by some passionate people to create this modern Gladiator arena: then for a moment we can be humbled and get perspective. Not only can we be grateful and allow our heads, hearts and bodies to be filled with delight and joy, but with courage too. You can approach this race with a renewed sense of meaning and instead of being dwarfed or overwhelmed or terrified, you can just get that you are not and never will be in total control of what happens.  The weather, the mechanicals, the muscles etc but you can take on the brilliance and awe of what it is to Live. To Love what you are doing and to get that you will show up as your best, when you can also be in a space mentally and emotionally that you have let go of all the anxiety. As they say, instead of a swarm of bees in your belly - you have butterflies that fly in formation!!
The hope is that we all learn daily how to bring a little gratitude to the table and in so doing elevate everything about how we are able to live and without doubt increase our ability to perform.
Wishing you ALL the best.
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