JD Mariais

Port Elizabeth

Sports management diploma


Neville Noble – Triathlon newbie turned avid athlete

Jd is unbelievably dedicated and passionate about the sport of triathlon and it shows in his coaching style. The ultra-personal approach to his athletes has made me change my goal from just finishing one 70.3 Ironman (as a weight loss challenge), to getting ready (and I think) properly prepared for a full Ironman. Coming from zero exposure to training, he had to teach me everything from basic swimming techniques the principles of heart rate training. Jd has done everything from encouraged me when I thought I wouldn’t make it to reprimanding me (gently) when I wasn’t taking the sessions seriously.

He is never in your face with communication and/or feedback, but is reasonably ALWAYS available and willing to give advice or reasonably change your program to best suit your lifestyle. Being backed by a dedicated and very knowledgeable MTD team of coaches he is also never scared to seek advice or guidance when needed (although I must admit this is not often), this is only further testimony to him placing his athletes first.