MTD Joburg Run Club

MTD's Joburgs Run Club is Live!

Grab your run licence for 2017 with us

Entering the sport can be very daunting and affiliating yourself through the a club can help introduce you to the sport.

Why join MTD?

    • Free training sessions and clinics when notified.  
    • Use of MTD facilities at designated events  
    • Race at events in MTD race gear 
    • Discounts though the online store. (see discount structure)
    • The cost to join the running club including your licence is R250.
    • If you are already registered on the ASA system as a member of My Training Day  you do not need to re-register for 2015.
    • If you are already registered with another running club and  would like to join My Training Day Running in 2015 you must contact your previous club and request to change your status to “Transferred”
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