MTD's Inaugural KZN Ironman Camp report

The MTD Durban Ironman training camp took place at Midmar dam from the 18th-21st of February. We had a nice small group for the first camp in KZN but that did not stop us from having an awesome weekend of training.

The Thursday was the easy day with the guys running 60-90 minutes to get them warmed up for the rest of the camp.

Friday was everyone’s favourite set! The 4h30 brick set. It was a hot day but everyone pushed really hard and made it through. Luckily after the set we were given a fantastic lunch that put everyone in a food coma, just in time for a nap! That afternoon we headed out for a 3km swim in perfect conditions in the Midmar dam. 

Saturday was another big day with a 6-hour bike ride. The ride was made easy by our support on the road and the High 5 nutrition products we used on the day, but everyone was happy to get it under the belt and to get another epic meal in afterwards! 

That evening it was back to the dam for a swim and a core session in some more perfect conditions! Sunday morning was our final day, and with extra sore legs the guys headed out for runs ranging from 20-30km. Again it was very hot but everyone made it through, even though it was not easy going!

We ended the weekend with another large meal before everyone packed their bags and we headed home, exhausted, but satisfied with a great weekends work that will have us all ready for IRONMAN on the 10th of April.

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