Paul smashes the Miway 113

So after pulling out of 70.3 EL for family reasons I decided that I had entered the Miway 113 as a sort of training camp and i might as well go there and give it my best shot. Being a 3 day event you can really push yourself to the limit on each day and this helps to see that on the rite day under the rite conditions what you can achieve

On the Friday was the 1.9/3.8k swim there was a delay as the wind made the swim conditions rather tough so Glen decided to do a last min change. I got in with a shoulder injury so decided to hang back on the start. I got out into the swim fairly easy and started to work my way into the field the water was very choppy so this made it tough on the turn back in I got out in 41:10 I was disappointed with my swim as I did 2.2k need to work on sighting. I was 16th out water

The Saturday saw a reverse order cycle start. With first cyclists off at 6:30 my start was 6:41 but we all really went off within a couple of min of each other I quickly made my way through the field and myself and grant (also a MTD athlete) and 2 other cyclist made a little break away from the rest of the guys at the 45k turn I was up front with grant close behind we had about 2 min on chasing pack. Grant took the lead at about 60k and I held second at the 70k turn the guys behind had been working together drafting to pull past me I kept to my race plan and keep pushing on my own I kept in touch with the pack and did a PB 90k 2:33:12. Took 6th for day. That eve I got sent the times and I saw I was just over 2 min behind second in my age group. I got messaged from my MTD coach fees to see how it was going and we decided on a race plan for Sunday to go out and smash him haha

Sunday was a mass run start again and I decided to go out front and give it my best to get the first in age. I started out fairly quick running first 5k at a 4:25 min/k pace to get a little gap between me and Christof to try make up my 2 min at the 11k point I ran past him on return for second lap and realized I need to keep my pace to beat him so decided to just try hold sub 5min pace and see if I can break him. The route is fairly tough so had to dig deep to keep it up but crossed the finish in 1:40.11 my PB for a 21k and 3rd overall on run. I decided to wait at finish line to see Christof come in so I could see if I beat him into 1st in age. It was a long wait as I broke him and he came in over 14min after me

So after all said and done I did a total time of 4:54:33 got 4th overall and 1st in 40-45 age so amazing to see what the right coaching and some effort can achieve

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