Two Oceans 2018

The History of Two Oceans Marathon

…..and some post-race comments from some of our athletes

The first Two Oceans marathon was run in 1970. A man from Durban by the name of Dave Venter brought this event to Cape Town. He had been transferred to Cape Town from Durban and missed the beautiful scenery from his Durban runs. He also thought the Capetonians needed a “warm up” race for Comrades marathon.

It was actually called the “Çeltic 35 mile road race”. It is held over the Easter weekend and is known as the most beautiful marathon through the most spectacular scenery. The Ultra race includes views of the two oceans, namely the Indian and Atlantic Oceans and covers 56kms.

The first of this event saw 26 athletes on the start line, 15 of which managed to finish within the 6 hour cut off. Dirkie Steyn of Maties won the event in 03:55:50 while running BAREFOOT.

In 1975 the first female athlete, Ulla Paul, took part in this event and she was the only female athlete to enter this year, her winning time was 05:14:51.

The men’s and ladies records to date are as follows…

Mens…1988 Thompson Magawana in a time of 03:03:44

Female…1989 Frith van der Merwe in a time of 03:30:36

The Two Oceans Half marathon race was introduced in 1998, and it is a fight each year to secure an entry into this event. It has a limit of 16000 runners and a ballot system is now used for runners to try and get an entry. The Ultra race is also a sell-out event seeing 11000 runners on the start line each year.

They have also introduced 2 trail races (12 and 24km) as well as some fun events for the kids and rest of the family

This year the weather was perfect and it was a great event as usual. Here are some comments below from some of our MTD athletes that took part.

“What a privilege to once again complete a race as an abled bodied person. Salute to all persons with disabilities taking part in sports events” Amanda van Schalkwyk Half Marathon finisher 2018

“The feeling of completing your first Two Oceans Ultra Marathon is indescribable unless you have done it. It was tough and long, but I did it and I did not die. It’s a great achievement when you have trained so hard and put everything into it and it all pays off when you cross the finish line albeit emotional one. I could never have done it without my coach Kent and the rest of my MTD family.” Candice Bailey Ultra Marathon finisher 2018

“What an awesome day of running. A ridiculously tough route that left me humbled with the realisation that I am just an average runner in a bigger scheme of things. When I watched the ladies in their 50’s passing me up Constantia Nek like I was basically standing still I realised I had a lot more work to do if I was ever going to become a semi decent runner instead of a triathlete pretending to be a runner!” Claire Horner Ultra Marathon finisher 2018

“Live laugh love” My friend Ashley (also an MTD running club member) and I run for a charity in honour of her late friend. The foundation is growing and does amazing work. We have a ball doing this race together, despite the crowds and not seeing the ocean once haha. This year it was also part of my Ironman training (an easy run) and despite all the hard work, I have had sooo much fun and laughter training with friends towards this goal. Janine Kallis Scholtz Half Marathon finisher 2018

“I was well trained and excited for Oceans 2018, but my body failed me on the day and the finish time was out of my control” Karen Botten Ultra Marathon finisher 2018

“Two Oceans….I can say a lot about my journey and what it means for me, but if I can take one thing from all that I put in and change the world with it, is that other athletes who don’t see themselves as talented enough or thin enough or strong enough or whatever enough, could look at me and what I have achieved as a “non talented, slow and not thin athlete” and realise that if I can do it then so can they. Everyone can be an athlete, everyone just hasn’t realised it yet” Liezl van Niekerk Ultra Marathon finisher 2018

“Love Love Love it! Every year the National Anthem playing at the start line brings me to tears” Mandy Lowings Half Marathon finisher 2018

“mmm, had a bad race so we’ll leave that alone, but what I would like to say is, it’s so awesome standing in the starting pens and everyone is so excited and nervous, its actually awesome to take that energy in. A few years ago the 21km race was my big race of the year and now it’s used as a ‘training run ‘and I think we get caught up on the big races and we forget that for some people this is their big race…this is the starting block/launch pad for greater things, and finishing this race is a great reminder of where we’ve come from and where we want to go” Sam Rosenstein Half Marathon finisher 2018

“2 Oceans Ultra…..Pfffft! I’ve done Ironman. Its only 56kms.I’ve run the route plenty of times. Oh how I underestimated this ultra marathon. A race that drove me to drink (alcohol) during the race. Some advice….get a coach!” Shane van der Westhuizen Ultra Marathon finisher 2018

“I loved the Two Oceans, thoroughly enjoyed it! I felt so prepared thanks to Mandy’s training program.” Susan Bradley Ultra Marathon finisher 2018

In Summary

So in summary, a race not to be missed. Come sign up for the Cape Town Marathon 23rd September this year and use this as a qualifier for your Ultra Marathon next year or do the 10km for training towards the Half Marathon. Either way, come and join us!

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