Ultra Endurance Triathletes Survey

Calling all Ironman 2017 finishers!!

...have a read below and lets all get involved in helping a fellow human being, it will take only a few minutes of your time :-)

My name is Courtney Momberg, I am a chiropractic intern currently doing my masters dissertation in Durban at Durban University of Technology. 

I am compiling an injury profile on Ultra-endurance triathletes in South Africa. 

The research will increase the amount of literature available on ultra-endurance triathlon training, racing and injuries in South Africa. To participate in the study you MUST have competed in the 2017 South African Ironman race in Port Elizabeth. The link below will take you straight to the survey and the completed survey will be forwarded directly to me, the principle researcher. Therefore NONE of your personal contact details such as name, email or contact numbers will be made available to me.

The survey is short and very user friendly.


Your participation in this study will be greatly appreciated. 

Courtney Momberg

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