With a sense of adventure, some gear and not much idea, I was ready to start the UTCT 35km. It was chilly as some rain had passed through during the night which would make for some fun.
The iconic Table Mountain sat behind the start line with her presence and a reminder that the start was going to be up and up.
I was feeling grateful to have this opportunity and also that I made it to the start line because the Uber driver kept falling asleep en route.

From Gardens Tech Rugby Club I ascended Platteklip up towards Maclears Beacon. The views over Table Bay were exquisite as I kept on hearing "wow" by some of the international runners.
The race went through Echo Valley towards the dams where the first aid station was - ya, that's where I smashed my first coke and was looking forward to the Nursery Ravine decent.
Here the views changed and so did my legs, unknown to me at this stage.
A quick scan of the timing chip and everyone headed left onto the contour path.
Finally, some sort of level ground where I could start running properly. It was great for about
1km then I hit the mother of all brick walls and was reduced to a walk.
Heading towards UCT, some soccer mom's passed me (shhhh don't tell anyone), this just could not happen and so my legs broke into a trot again.

The second and final aid station was at UCT which had the best vibe ever! Best snacks, best spectators, leg rubs (whether you liked it or not) and music.
From UCT the race worked it's way up towards the Block House or should I rather say - I worked myself all the way up to the block house. This is where the humor was at an all time high - those poor runners that were in ear shot of me.
Once the Block House had been ticked off, the race had almost done a 360 in views which was amazing.
The last 10km down towards Tafelberg Road and to the finish were quite challenging which really brought out a sense of achievement for me.

With mud on my shoes and trees in my hair, I am totally addicted and cannot wait for the next one!

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