Windy Wavy Slanghoek

Dec 11 2019

With all my swimming drills I wasn’t nervous at all on the Windy, cold morning of Sunday 27 October 2019. I was calm and collected, had my family to support me and even encouraged my son-in-law to join me. Well…… I couldn’t pull out either! Long story short ……… I froze when that gun went off, panicked and tried swimming but had to resort to back stroke (my signature stroke LOL) back stroked all over that dam! After 23min I finally made it out and not last (yep, Springboks were warming up to take on Wales) and I survived my swim!! Next onto the bike and the wind….. I loved it, it was tough but I enjoyed it and tried chasing my son in-law…. (the crazy things we do at a certain age). The run was okay as this is definitely my stronger discipline and I finished 2hrs5min (let’s leave the seconds off) I know I am scared of the open water and can’t wait to overcome this fear…. Just don’t know when!! Thanks Kent for coaching me from barely swimming half a pool length since March 2019!! I need a triathlon in a swimming pool!

By Joy Winkworth 

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