You can count on Coaching


Isn't it fascinating that we see the importance of coaching if we are to be better at our chosen sporting discipline - and yet when it comes to Life? Finance?Marriage? Parenting - No Coach is needed - No Goals are set and we just hope to do a bit better than our parents.

What is even more outstanding is that those of us who have coaches in the discipline of sport also feel that our success is dependent largely on their input.

I believe the role of a coach in all respects of life is undervalued. Why do I say this?  Because how do you really attach a value to a person who selflessly helps you reach your Dreams? Who can say the impact they may have in your ultimate success? Coaching and Mentoring is essential for any person who truly wants to improve- expand- learn and grow beyond their personally imposed limits. The privilege of coaching and the possibility that it will change you can never be over appreciated.

We can’t always see it- but Blind spots are real- and nodding your head to acknowledge that they are doesn't mean you can see them! It’s just the acceptance that they are there, and let’s be honest, we can see them more easily in others.......

A coach cannot do your work, You have to realize their role as a catalyst- facilitator and at times critic! We prefer feedback to criticism - but How we hear and listen is what will determine a coach’s ability to show up. Coaches are with you when you are stagnating and will be with you when you are euphoric, but if you think that blaming a coach for your performance is the way to mature into a star you will find yourself treading water as you move sideways instead of upward. 

A Coach is someone who gets you to do what you don’t want to do so you can be your best.

Coaches are not Super Human - they also have their own battles and struggles and will have good and bad days too. Our job as a coachee is to learn to listen and thrive from the input of our coaches - and yet to also find our own sense of security in knowing and learning about ourselves. A coach cannot really know you like you know you. Unless you are paying them an unhealthy amount of money in Dollar Notes - in easy to carry bags- you cannot expect them to be asking If you had enough greens in your last meal!

Coaching has a profound effect  on us if we are willing to allow coaches to call us and support us in the brave work and courageous state of asking and looking at where we can grow. The input of a coach can only take effect if you are coachable. Remember you think you know! - but often we don't see that it’s a defense and then we can’t understand why we may not be getting the results.

Coaches only see some of you. They don't have the full picture so remember you have to be honest about the way you manage your Life as well as your training if you are going to profit from the program. Mental and Emotional energy are all part of your person that shows up at the pool and the track....Managing the balance of work- life- school- relationships- money all have an impact.

Coaches Care - but they cannot fix you. It’s our Job to take on our lives and recognize we may need a coach outside of just our fitness goals. A few sessions with a Pro Mentor may be all that is needed to help you with the perspective to plug the leaks in your well being  so that the energy can be better spent on focusing on your training and your Dreams being realized.



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