Clanwilliam Fitness Festival 2016

Clanwilliam 2016:  for the newbies

The Freshpack Clanwilliam festival was once again a huge success. Athletes arrived early with some very nervous looking faces. It has always been a race that attracts a large number of newbies and this year was no different.

The day started off with the 1500m and 3000m swimming races . At this stage the water was still looking lovely and flat. But the wind that was predicted did start to show its face from about 11am onwards. This made the very nervous newbies a little more nervous. The water was getting choppy and showing signs of being a tough day out there.

In the meantime a few of our athletes were busy taking on the Duathlon and Biathlon events. It was a hot and windy bike and run but athletes were smiling and loving the events.

As 3pm was approaching, bikes were racked, wetsuits were being tugged on and excitement could be felt in the air. Race briefing was done and the starting hooter was sounded…they were off!!! Males first then ladies and lastly teams. They swam a triangular loop around two buoys. The choppy water was taxing on a lot of the athlete’s energy levels but they all dug deep and made it through. Breathing a sigh of relief!

Now onto the bike course up the dreaded steep hill out of transition. Always makes for a good watching point for spectators with a few giggles when athletes were in the wrong gear and struggling to get going up this hill. Most revert to pushing their bikes up and then racing around the rest of the cycle loop.

The run is known to be hot and sandy. This year was no different. A tough 5km run and then DONE. Smiling faces all round. Medals in hand and already the hype and talk about what they are going to do differently next time. How much they want to better their times. The goals and line up of races they want to do.

They are officially Triathletes and addicted to the sport after just one event.

“Discovering the athlete within you”


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