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MTD sign up a Best Bike split account to make training with power even more spectacular!

Athletes who train on power can utilize this tool as it is a great pre-race day prediction calculator. Best bike split takes into account the riders profile,  bike profile, bike fit positions, the course and then sets up a race plan according to the terrain, surface and weather.

The more accurate your input, the better the race prediction will be.

See the listed features below:

Advanced Weather Feature

This feature creates a forecasted or historical weather map for multiple points along the course based on both location and time. With advanced weather, athletes and coaches can really start to factor changing weather conditions into race day planning.

Time Analysis Tool

The Time Analysis tool gives athletes and coaches the ability to vary Drag, Power and/or Weight for any BBS model run and see the estimated impact to the overall race as well as per segment in real time.

Fit Based Drag Calculator

This calculator takes specific measurements about your body and position on the bike to help refine your drag profile. This calculator can be a powerful tool to show the aerodynamic and time value of a good bike fit.

The Cheat Sheet

The cheat sheet breaks the course into scenarios with power targets for each, based on your goal targets and course/weather conditions. Many of our Pros and Members use the cheat sheet exclusively on race day.

Power Target Model

Use the Power Target Model to plan the optimal power pacing for a race, based on a target Normalized Power or Intensity Factor taking specific course conditions and personal equipment into account.

Goal Time Model

The Goal Time Model allows you to determine the minimum power needed to hit a certain time on a specific course, set new power targets for training or even to make sure you know what power is needed to make the bike cut off time.

Training Stress Score Model

Use the Training Stress Score Model to plan the optimal race power strategy for the bike to ensure that you have energy for a solid run based on a Training Stress Score from previous good performances.

Yaw Angle Distribution

Use the race plan yaw angle distribution chart to gain insight into your ideal race day equipment and potential future purchases.

Download Race Plan Files

Download your race plan and import it into any popular race analysis site such as TrainingPeaks, Strava or Garmin Connect to compare it against your actual race.

Power Based Navigation

Execute on race day with on course power instructions using Garmin Power Courses or TCX Power Routes with many popular GPS devices.

Race Plan Comparison

Compare multiple race plans to determine the pacing differences of using different equipment, pushing more or less power, hitting a certain goal time or targeting a specific Training Stress Score.

See the examples of the data required for input:

So now you are asking does this really work? I used this tool for a few of our athletes at 70.3 East London. Some athletes were slightly off due to the wrong FTP, a bike crash or higher variability but most of us were spot on.

Some athletes paced it properly for the first time ever and had PB's

See the below athlete perfect race plan but the athlete lost 8 Watts or 10 min from his prediction due to the variability index being too high. So for the exact same effort, just better controlled, he would have gained 10min.

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