Waynes first Tri

1st Tri Race Report:

First ultra triathlon- 1.9km swim, 90km cycle and 21km run. Placed 27th 

I have performed many forms of sport and experienced all at a high level. In 2016, I decided that I would like to pursue triathlons and as I am very competitive by nature, it was no doubt that I needed to do it to the best of my ability.
The first steps involved seeking out the best trainer, someone who could give me advice, motivate me daily and to put up with my constant need for more information as I took my steps in this challenge.

MTD was my choice and after my first race, the results reflected accordingly.
Rowland Visser customized a training plan tailored to my busy lifestyle. Giving me sufficient hours to training, work and spending quality time with my family.
Prior three months training and the days leading up to race day were spot on with the perfect active rest days placed in correct sequence’s to make me feel super strong for all three disciplines.

The great team of guys we have in Hillcrest is a massive contributor to motivating me to achieving my goals. Training banter and words of motivation from all the experienced Triathletes in Rowlands group have helped guide me through the buildup to race day.

I am 100% confident in the training plans that are setup for me weekly by Rowland and believe in them.
Thanks Rowland and MTD, I know you are going to get me in the best condition to dominate 2017 and I so look forward to it.

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