MTD end of season dinner


20TH JULY 2019

The Tom Ro Haven is a non-profit organisation based in Cape Point. They rescue abused, neglected and unwanted horses and ponies.
The Haven uses these horses in various programs to help underprivileged & abused children as well as women who have been involved in drug trafficking.
When 2 broken soles - one animal & another human come together its amazing to witness how they lean on each other & help each other through dark &
scary moments.

We at MTD would like to help Tom Ro Haven in any way that we can and so we’ve decided to use our yearly end of season dinner to raise funds for this
amazing organisation. Jakes will be contributing a portion of each dinner ticket sold to Horse Haven & instead of spending money this year on
decorations & vouchers MTD will be donating that portion to Tom Ro Haven.

We’d like to raise as much as possible, so please support us on this very
worthwhile cause by buying as many dinner tickets as you can – for yourself, family & friends and if possible, any size donation will help this worth
while cause.

"Where horses and children come together and learn from another“